Child Enumeration Plugin


<?php namespace ProcessWire;
 * Module inserts a simple UL list containing links to child pages

class ChildrenLinkTree extends RepeaterFlexItem {
	public static function getModuleInfo() {
		return array(
			'title' => __('Child Links', __FILE__), // Module Title
			'version' => 1,
			'icon' => 'fa fa-sitemap',

	public static function getFields() { return [ ]; }	// No fields!
	private function renderChildTree(&$out, Page $page) {	// Traverse whole child tree
		// We are using a reference to the $out buffer to avoid copying the whole markup multiple times!
			$out .= '<ul>';		// Begin our list
			foreach($page->children as $pg)	// Enumerate any child page
				$out .= "<li><a href='{$pg->url}'>{$pg->title}</a>";
				$this->renderChildTree($out, $pg);
				$out .= "</li>";
			$out .= '</ul>';	// Terminate our list
	public function render(Page $pg) {
		$out = '';
		$this->renderChildTree($out, wire('page'));	// Render all children from "current" page

This tiny plugin generates the link lists on the root pages for documentation and demos. It does not provide any data input and simply enumerates all children and adds a link for each.

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