Configuration of RepeaterFlex highly depends on available plugins and renderers, since each may bring additional configuration options. The selected renderer as well controls which items may be added to the RepeaterFlex field, so the renderer should be picked first. In the moment the following renderers are provided:

  • Default Renderer
    The default renderer only provides basic enumeration of repeater items.
  • Depth Renderer
    The deph renderer supports repeater depth and allows building a hierarchical tag structure easily.
  • Content Renderer
    The content renderer provides additional functionality to handle tags.
  • Menu Renderer
    The menu renderer implements base functionality for menus like specifying links or enumerate child pages. This basic variant only generates basic markup code.
  • UiKit Menu Renderer
    The UiKit menu renderer allows easy creation of UiKit navbars.

In this example we're using the content renderer which allows to use UiKit item plugins for content creation.

Virtual fields mapping

Underneath the plugin selection may open additional selection fields. To avoid flooding the system with individual fields for each item type, plugins may refer to an existing field which need to be selected. The referring plugins and the required fieldtype is listed in the notes section.

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